Grey Power Membership

Membership of Grey Power Wanganui is open to any person who is interested in the concerns and/or wellbeing of the elderly. We currently have over 2,000 members who come from Wanganui and districts from Taihape to Waverley.

How to Join Grey Power

Join: To join Grey Power Wanganui the new member (or members) must complete and submit the application form on the right in full.


Internet Banking – You can pay directly by Internet Banking.

Our bank account number is: (Kiwibank) 38 9006 0435305 02  |  NB. Please put your SURNAME as reference and indicate whether  you are a NEW member or a Renewal

Cheque – Otherwise a cheque can be sent to Grey Power Wanganui, PO Box 4197, Wanganui

How to Renew Membership

Renew: Annual subscriptions are due on 31 March each year.  If your details have not changed you can simply pay by internet banking with your surname as reference and your membership number as code.  If you have changes to details you should use the procedure above for new members

Membership Card

Each year a new membership card is issued.  It can take up to two weeks for your membership card to arrive after joining or renewing

Online Registration Form